One World. One Leader in Mobile Solutions.

In the lead

One Mobile Group has been in the forefront of the mobile solutions industry for over 12 years. Experts in telecommunications, engineering and designing have been at the core of our company, making innovation a standard and experiencing each client's success as our very own.

We strive on developing, not only the most advanced and effective mobile marketing solutions, but on providing answers to every customer's requests by creating the exact plan and carrying it out every step of the way. Our knowledge, our technology and our expert personnel are what sets us apart from any other company. In the long run, it's what can keep you and your business, in the lead!

SMS, complete Mobile Marketing Programs, Customized Applications... it's all part of what drives us at One Mobile Group.  We're here to make you meet your goals, increase your market growth and optimize your corporate income. We're here to work for you. It's like having a whole team of experts on your side without having to invest in payrolls or technology upgrades. We are committed to providing innovative and unique solutions. We are committed to begin an important part of your growth through a different and dynamic mobile marketing experience.